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Dr James Tour – Scientist of the Year

James Tour is no ordinary scientist. His achievements are many and his accolades great. And he is a follower of Jesus.

First, here is what makes him a great scientist…

  • Voted one of the top 50 most influential minds in the world
  • Voted the R&D Magazine ‘Scientist of the Year’
  • Has over 650 research publications
  • Holds a PhD in organic chemistry
  • Holds over 120 patents
  • Has a postdoc at Stanford University
  • Visiting scholar at Harvard University
  • Spoken at every major university in the US
  • Member of the National Academy of Inventors
  • Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Worked with a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry.
  • Started 7 or 8 companies
  • Works in areas that range from medicine, material science, electronics, computer memory and medical devices
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